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2016-17: Jemma Mills (missing reports – red)

  • BBC Music Day 2016 – Jenny Willis (03/06/2016)
  • Summer Tour 2016 – Ryan Noble & Andrew Hills (26/08/2016 – 02/09/2016)
  • ULSCR Dinner 2016 – James Watkins (26/11/2016)

2015-16: Richard Pullin

2014-15: Rosemary Hill

2013-14: Ryan Noble

2012-13: Andrew Hills

Thanks to: Ryan Noble, Mariko Whyte, Hellen Richardson & Lucy Bricheno

2011-12: Mariko Whyte

Thanks to: Canna Whyte, Mariko Whyte, Chris Griggs, Becca Cullen, Care Dyer, Helen Saddleton, Ryan Noble, Helen Herriott, Jenny Willis, Harry Baulcombe, Simon Linford, Jenny Holden, Thomas Wood, Clara Westlake and Tom Sibley.

2010-11: Lizzy Stokoe

Thanks to: Hellen Richardson, Guy Atchison, Thomas Wood, Thomas Sibley and Mariko Whyte, Nick Jones, Chris Griggs, Andrew Brown, Annelise Felton, Clare Dyer, Lizzy Stokoe, Dave Hills, Heather Forster, Philip Naylor and Helen Herriott.

2009-10: Heather Forster

Thanks to: Quentin Jackson, Clare Dyer, Jacqueline Bale, Chris Brown, Guy Atchison, Tom Sibley, David Maynard, Hellen Richardson, Nick Jones, Andrew Graham, Clara Westlake, Helen Herriot, Jenny Holden, Tessa Beadman, Lucy Bricheno, Philip Naylor, Annelise Felton, Thomas Wood, Peter Valux and Robin Hickmott

2008-09: Nick Hartley

Thanks to: Clare Dyer, Quentin Jackson, Chris Brown, David Maynard, James Eggleston, Hellen Richardson and Annelise Felton.