University of London Society of Change Ringers

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President Vice Presidents
Rupert Littlewood Kate Wallis Rosemary Hill
Officers / Contact: Rupert Littlewood kateWallis rosemaryHill
Master Secretary Treasurer
Alistair Smith Rachel Deakin Richard Pullin
Alistair Smith Officers / Contact: Rachel Deakin Officers / Contact: Richard Pullin
Librarian Steeple Keeper & Assistant Webmaster
Ben Meyer Jemma Mills James Watkins Jacqui Brown
Officers / Contact: Ben Meyer jemmaMills Officers / Contact: James Watkins Officers / Contact: Jacqui Brown

Are you a London Student? Do you already ring or want to try something new? Come along to our practice & join our Mailing List!

Address: University of London Society of Change Ringers, c/o St Olave's Church, 8 Hart St, London, EC3R 7NB
CC Rep Trustees Membership Secretary Auditor PCC Rep
Jacqui Brown Tom Nagel Andrew Hills Mike Trimm Peter Jasper Richard Saddleton
Officers / Contact: Jacqui Brown logoSmall Officers / Contact: Andrew Hills Officers / Contact: Mike Trimm Officers / Contact: Peter Jasper Officers / Contact: Richard Saddleton