University of London Society of Change Ringers

So what does the committee do?‏

So… You’ve received my millions of emails and you’re trying to decide if you want to run for a position on the committee? Well this message is here to tell you all the millions of reasons why you should!

Below is a document which gives you a brief idea of what the committee has been doing recently (if you’re really passionate and want to read the minutes of our meetings you’re allowed to!) Also there’s a a little bit of a blurb from a few committee members about what they do in the hopes of encouraging you to stand!

Deadline for nominations is this Sunday (3rd May) – let me know who’s nominating and seconding you!

Any further questions you know where I am,

Kate Wallis

So you want to be on the committee?

Last term what did the committee do?

We normally have a couple of meetings a term, which we endeavor to get through as quickly as possible (We have it down to under 30 minutes now). Mostly our time is taken up by organizing the 70th anniversary celebrations at the moment. Katie and Ryan have been playing with the 70 quarter peals, Rup is on top of the dinner, I’ve been getting quotes for pint glasses… It’s all go go go and our committee meetings are just a chance to catch up. Occasionally we talk about other things like hoovers or the bells but not very often. The committee is also part of the vetting process for society wide changes (we all remember the new mailing list) and we work together to make sure that events are being organized and check that event reports are being written. If anything disastrous happens we attempt to save the day. Before big and exciting meetings such as the AGM or AuGM we will get together to run through what will be on the agenda and check that we all know what we have to say/do to ensure the meetings go off without a hitch.

If you would like to be a part of this prestigious decision making machine and help to organise this rhamshackle society then run for a position!

We are looking for:

  • 1 President
  • 2 Vice Presidents
  • 1 Master
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 3 Ordinary Committee Members

Below is some information on what a few of the positions do from the current position holders. For those that aren’t listed here feel free to contact one of the current people to ask any questions or have a nosy at the constitution on the website which gives the official guidance.

Vice President:

  • Filling in other roles on the committee if they haven’t been filled
  • Helping with decision making on the committee
  • Filling in for the president when absent
  • Other events: e.g. 70 QPs, Dinner etc…


My job on the committee is Master. Being UL Master is never-endingly fabulous, no other way to describe it. Basically the role involves an awful lot of emails and alcohol – if you enjoy these two things then you’re the perfect candidate. Key responsibilities include: whipping the UL into shape at practice nights and twice-monthly Sunday morning ringing; finding bands for quarter peals at Danes (twice a month) and Barts (once a month); bullying encouraging people to write event

reports; filling the cake rota; chairing committee meetings; organising peal weekend and making a speech at the dinner. Delegation is always an option, and you basically never have to ring at another practice night. Sometimes people address you as Master, which is weird, but you’ll come to crave the feeling of power. The best part is the amount of time spent hanging around the best ringers in London *team UL*. There is no worst part.


  • The real power behind the society (if I say so myself)
  • Basically this job requires sending a lot of emails – if you have a smart phone then you can be secretary.
  • Also writing minutes… But there’s tactics to that and it doesn’t really take too long as long as you always do them straight after the meeting (no one ever does them straight after the meeting)
  • They give you keys to the tower and occasionally you have to let people in – but you organise all of that and I’m getting good at the art of delegation.
  • Basically send lots and lots of emails.


If you can use a calculator this is the job for you. Manages the UL accounts, clothing and membership. Very easy job with little work but a key part of the committee.

Librarian (Ordinary Committee Member role):

I feel like a bit of a fraud even calling myself the UL Librarian, as truth be told, I have not done anything this year. I believe it is my duty to keep the library in order, but never really got around to being shown what needs to be done. I’m aware that I should have gotten the donated replacement Ringing Worlds bound, but have not, as I’m not entirely sure of how to do this/where they are. It’s something I’ve been meaning to speak to Rup about, but it’s very rare I see him at practice these days. Excuses, excuses… I know. I have been a really lousy librarian, and so the next librarian is sure to show me up, in doing all that needs to be done: categorising where needed, binding where needed, money pot decorating (I’m on this, this week!!) where needed. Other than that, I don’t think the librarian has any other main duties, but just to be willing to volunteer to do appropriate wordy/papery/booky tasks for the UL.